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Robin Bownes robin at bownes.co.za
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On Thu, 2012-01-26 at 08:27 +0000, Dewald Noeth wrote:

> Don't do Cannon! I have never been able to get one to work, cannon has 0 linux support.
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> Hi list.
> I'm going to buy a printer later today, and was wondering if anyone
> was prepared to share their experiences?
> Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit is what I'm running, and my requirements are
> colour printer with scanning ability. I don't particularly want one of
> those 4-in-1 multi-functions.
> I've had good experience with HP printers generally. But if someone
> has had good experience with another brand, I'm keen to hear.
> Thanks,
> Andre Rossouw

I'm using a Canon MP560 (printer/scanner/copier with LAN/WiFi). Have
been using it for over a year. Canon actually give very good Linux
support, in that they provide (and regularly update) driver packages for
most of their printers. Before buying a Canon, just go to their website
and check to see which printers/scanners have driver packages. Install
the .deb driver packages, and then connect and install the printer - no
problem - everything works. Great print (true CMYK photo printing) &
scan quality.
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