[ubuntu-za] Slow boot / read-only ntfs / bad disk

Peter Nel fourdots at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 09:25:37 UTC 2012

> I have Ubuntu 11.04 installed on two hard drives. Initially both booted
> > normally, but lately both take ages to boot, first entering Intel DHCP
> > Rom where the process sticks for quite a few minutes.
> >
> > I am guessing a bios setting.
> (I am assuming you know how to enter the bios)
> In your Bios go to something akin to "boot device priority" and remove PXE
> boot or LAN or NETWORK BOOT from your boot device list, or move it to the
> bottom (lowest priority)
> I think what might have happened is that your bios got reset to "optimised
> defaults" or "failsafe defaults" and that this includes PXE boot by
> default.
> What motherboard is this? My HP servers have PXE on by default.
> HTH!
> Quintin
Quintin is most likely correct wrt Jan's problem. Looks like the machine is
trying to boot from the network and not finding anything - this would
happen before ubuntu even starts loading, and it would be a BIOS config

(re: bad disk)
I just want to add, speaking about slow boot problems, hardrives, and ntfs:
I've recently troubleshooted a slow boot due to a hard drive going bad;
additionally it had a separate NTFS partition on it also (shared with
previous win7 dual-boot) - I could see many read errors in the boot logs,
due to bad sectors.
(see boot logs by typing
$ dmesg
$ dmesg | less
(makes output scrollable) - look for error messages containing strings like
"ata1.000" or "/dev/sda" etc)

(re: read-only ntfs)
Furthermore, /etc/fstab may have instructions for mounting the NTFS
partition, like:
/dev/disk/by-label/Media2       /media/Media2   ntfs-3g
rw,errors=remount-ro,users,sync,noatime        0       0
If there's an error mounting the ntfs partition, the "errors=remount-ro"
causes an attempt to remount the filesystem read-only when a read-write
mount fails.
I'm not sure if UDEV->gnome-vfs (?) has a similar remount-ro policy (i.e.
click-to-mount autodetected 'partitions' in nautilus)

Péter Nel
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