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Sat Jan 14 08:38:13 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ubuntu-za] Monthly IRC Meeting Mon 16 Jan
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Hello Ubuntu ZA!

--- Begin transmission ---

I think it is time again for another IRC meet.

I plan to start my cross-country road trip that day, and organized a 3G
modem, so permitting signal... why not. Oh and agenda items, see below.

--- How do I join the chat? ---

* Go to http://ubuntu-za.org/irc-live-chat and use the web-based chat


* Use your fav IRC client and connect to #ubuntu-za on

--- When do we meet? ---

* Monday 16 Jan, 19h30 (7:30pm)
  Why not swing by earlier to warm up the channel.

--- Agenda ---

I need your help with this: send your agenda item suggestions.
What community related ideas do you have? Want to address? On you mind?

I propose:

* LPIC (Linux Certification) - I want to pick this ball up again, I want
to hear from anyone who also wants to study for the Linux certification.

- you can still learn, even if you don't plan to write the exams

- you can follow even without a CentOS distro. That's the recommended
distro, but the material is generic enough for most distros.

--- End transmission ---

kbmonkey over and out.

Yay Wesley
Welcome back. Look forward to the meeting

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