[ubuntu-za] Solution: Show windows on active desktop

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Fri Jan 13 08:56:58 UTC 2012

Hi Guys

I just found a solution for something that has been bugging me.  I don't
like the fact that the window picker is not limited to windows on the
active destop only.  So I spent time looking for a solution and came up
with this.  

I like to separate the different things I do by putting it on different
desktops, e.g. e-mail, programming, research, etc.  So all open apps
relating to that task is place on a different desktop.  By making the
changes below I can now easily switch between windows on the same
desktop without being confused by unnecessary windows.  

I think there might be others interested in this as well..

Firstly I found that this function is already available by default using
For some this might be enough

If you want to change the key binding, this function is implemented by
the "Scale" plug-in in Compiz.
Open CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) and go to "Window Management"
-> "Scale"
Click on the "Bindings" tab
You'll find three entries for "Initiate Window Picker" each with a
different Icon.  

I set the first two entries as follows:

a. (Screen Icon) -> Bottom left
Everyting you move your mouse pointer to the bottem left hand corner the
Window picker comes up showing only the windows in the current desktop

b. (Keyboard Icon) -> <super>w
You'll get a warning message saying that this key binding is already
used.  Select the right-most button to disable the existing key binding.

This might solve the work flow issues for some.  Hope this helps


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