[ubuntu-za] Stop the Anti-Unity / Gnome 3 FUD! [off topic]

Nick Michael(PtaISP) nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Thu Jan 12 06:58:40 UTC 2012

Hi Wesley

I did try out LinuxMint  but it had worse problems and very little support I did not like it
The one nice feature it had APTonCD came in a deb file
So I made the decision to switch back to Ubuntu when 11:10 was launched and added APTonCD to it so it got the best of Mint

I don't regret the move back to Ubuntu but I hate having to scroll to the bottom of a list of icons to click on one to change to another desktop frustrates me
I tried Compiz Fusion and Compiz Config Settings manager but i have not figured it out yet
and that is in another chat thread on this list server

So now I run every thing on one desktop AKA Microsoft Windows Linux until I get Compiz to work


On 2012-01-12 00:08, wesley.werner at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Nick. In this case switching to a more familiar DE (Gnome/Linux Mint) is a good suggestion, until Unity has aged a bit to accommodate more users.
> as Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu, you can still rely on your usual Ubuntu help channels :-) 
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> Subject :Re: [ubuntu-za] Stop the Anti-Unity / Gnome 3 FUD! [off topic]
> >From  :nick.michael
> Date  :Wed Jan 11
> I cant figure out on 11:10 how to switch to Classic Gnome.

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