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Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Wed Jan 11 22:41:08 UTC 2012

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From: Nico Michael <nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za>

Hi Nico
To keem my response short, I'm assuming you have basic knowledge on how
to install and run programs, you can follow these steps:

> Is there a way to get more than 4 desktops ? 6

1. install compizconfig-settings-manager (a.k.a. CCSM).
2. run CCSM
3. Under "General" select "General Options"
4. Click on the "Desktop Size" tab
5. Adjust your Horizontal & Vertical Virtual Sizes

> Also has someone made a decent  desktop switcher or switcher applet for 
> Unity
> Something like what gnome or KDE gives you

Also using CCSM
1. Under "Window Management", click on "Shift Switcher"
2. Accept the changes it requests

For me this is a lot easier, nicer and faster than the Unity Alt-tab switcher

> In version 10.04 I had Round cube which worked with the mouse wheel to 
> rotate me through my desktops like a giant hexagon

Not so easy.  Round cube conflicts pretty badly with the Unity plug in.  
You will find instructions on Google from guys whom have done, but it is not

> By default , Unity is lacking or is user hostile in this area.
> The lack of a decent desktop switcher make this O/S user hostile

I agree! Last week I decided to switch to Unity, but it was similar to accepting 
a hostile take over.  A lot of frustrating hours later with plenty of desk-banging 
and shouting I finally got Unity customised to an acceptable level.  I'm still not
happy but I'm working again.  I like new things/change, but they could have at 
least have given us a more mature desktop before enforcing the change.

My opinion is that Unity is still a long way from being mature and still lack
plenty of features especially when it comes to customisation, fortunately I 
found a bunch of useful tools to make the transition bearable.

I would suggest the following:

1. Install ubuntu-tweak.
It allows you to adjust many of the small things that Unity doesn't yet allow
you to adjust, e.g. font size, icon size, 

2. Install CCSM (as suggested above)
It caters for the stuff that's missing in ubuntu-tweak

3. Learn how to create launchers with custom right-click menus.
Ok, this is a bit more technical, but it can help a lot, e.g. 
a. Right-click short-cuts to open Documents, Downloads, etc on home folder icon
b. Single Libre Office Icon, with right-click short-cuts for Writer, Calc, etc
This saves a lot of space on the launcher, especially if you also adjust its icon
size using Ubuntu Tweak

4. Google "things to do after install ubuntu 11.10"
You'll get some amazing advise that make life easier

Hope this helps.


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