[ubuntu-za] Printer connection

Trevor Hughes linux at thewildfig.co.za
Thu Jan 5 08:38:45 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Jan Greeff <jan at verslank.net> wrote:
> My printer keeps on losing its connection, especially when another computer
> on the network is on.

Interesting - I have an ongoing problem with a printer/s as well -
noit sure if it is the same as yours and you gve very little detail.

My problem is with a shared printer. I have two Ubuntu 10.04.3 Boxes.
One has two printers connected to it and they are shared - I think
they were shared by default when installed or I shared them via the
GUI in Ubuntu.

Printing always works on the PC that has the printers directly
connected. The shared printers seem to disappear such that if I do and
smbclient -L ip.address - the folder shares are all visible but the
pinter shares are gone and as a result I cannot print from the PC
which does not have the printers directly attached.

I find I have to restart the smbd on the machine with the printers
attached and then they show up again and I can use them from the other

Sometimes this happens twice in a day and sometimes it can go weeks
with no  problem. Is this what you are experiencing? Does anybody else
have this problem? Can you help?

It has been suggested that I look into the samba error logs or syslog
or whatever but I am not sure what I am looking for and in which log
precisely! I just live with it but it is a PITA.


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