[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu's Bold Mobile Gambit

Alf Stockton alf at stockton.co.za
Wed Feb 29 13:17:43 UTC 2012

On 29/02/2012 08:17, Sacks, Cailan wrote:
> Means connect via USB, so ignore the phrase "dock".
> Also, its not just linux on your phone, its your phone on your 
> desktop. It's what makes this exciting. Having 1 interface, with equal 
> capability, on your phone, and desktop, with cross connectivity (linux 
> has not had this before, as Android sync apps are written for Windows) 
> between them both.
> Anyway, I don't think this will impact Android, or Linux in the grand 
> scheme of things, but it will change the way other manufacturers see 
> sync and connectivity apps.
Now that I have read some of the documentation surrounding this scenario 
I am also excited.

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