[ubuntu-za] I need to know what file to edit

Nico Michael nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Fri Feb 17 13:55:29 UTC 2012

Hi there

I need to know what file to edit to make my Ubuntu Calistoga start up in 
Gnome Classic.

My Unity is broken

And every time I log in I have to manually check the Classic Gnome option

It seems my Grub might also be broken

Also which folder should I backup so I can re-install this O/S

Fortunately I have my important data on a spare partition mounted as /data
I have used APTonCD to backup all installed deb files(packages)

Please advise do I edit this file or get out the Ubuntu CD and do a 
wipe-out clean install ?
I wish Maia was nearby I would have ask her for an original CD we don't 
have these in Pretoria

Kind regards

Nico Michael-
(Sent from ptaisp.co.za)

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