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*The US government is planning to hold in April an Africa IP Summit in
partnership with Japan, France, and WIPO. South Africa is hosting this
meeting. The private sector (ICC, BASCAP,Pfizer, Eli Lily et al) is
sponsoring this meeting. The main focus of this Summit is enhanced IP
protection and enforcement particularly on counterfeiting and piracy.
Clearly this is a platform for US, Japan France to promote the TRIPS plus
plus agendas seen in ACTA, TPPA, EPA etc, and this Summit will be promoting
more anti-counterfeiting bills in Africa. Many of these provisions are
likely to have a problematic impact on the ability to use flexibilities to
meet development objectives and public interests issues such as access to
medicines, access to knowledge, freedom of expression over the internet.*
*If you are interested in more details see the US government site
http://www.cldp.doc.gov/programs/Africa-intellectual-property-forum. The
Commercial Law Department Programme of the US department of commerce is
organising this summit.*
*We think it is important to raise concern over this event particularly for
it is promoting an IP agenda that is likely to have a detrimental impact on
access to medicines in the African region. So we have drafted 2 letters.
One addressed to the World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO (see
below) and another to the South Africa missions in Geneva.*
*We hope your organisations can sign onto these letters. If you are
interested in signing on pls send me the name of your organisation and
contact details to sangeeta at twnetwork.org or ssangeeta at myjaring.net as soon
as possible but preferably by Wednesday, 7th February 2012.*
*Sangeeta Shashikant*
*Third World Network*
*PO BOX 4398*
*Cape Town*
*South Africa*
*Mobile 082 425 1454*
*Landline 021 448 0021*
*Fax 086 246 9859*
*Skype david.robert.lewis*
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