[ubuntu-za] Home backup solution (suggestions)

Peter Nel fourdots at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 09:00:15 UTC 2011

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 10:10 AM, percy langa <percylanga at gmail.com> wrote:
> Shot mate.
> Btw, the whole online (cloud) backup and storage kinda freaks me out :)
> Maybe Im just old-school and a lil paranoid.
> Cheers!
> Percy

No man, don't be.
Cloud is just a buzzword for running your server(s) on virtualized hardware
in stead of a physical machine with fixed CPU, memory, storage - this means
you can scale your server up or down dynamically based on your requirements
(i.e. more cpu, more memory.. or less, on-the-fly). Your cloud-based
(virtual) server is usually "carved" out of a pool of resources, like
processors, RAM, and storage that exists in some underlying physical cluster
of machines. The beauty of it is that cloud service providers usually take
care of all that stuff for you, and you just specify the specs of the
machine you want, and they give it to you. After that, it behaves like a
regular machine, for instance you can install ubuntu server (or any other
OS) on it, then e.g. ssh into it (it gets an IP address & domain name, on a
virtual network interface obviously), do offline backups to it, run a
web-server, or whatever you want.
Providers usually offer different types of services, for instance
storage-centric, process-centric, and so on.

Online (/off-site) backups IS old school dude :-) "cloud" is just what old
school was aiming for. lol, maybe.

If you're paranoid, you can always build your own cloud in your own network,
on a single/multiple PCs using opensource tools like OpenStack (
http://www.openstack.org/ - on which the upcoming Ubuntu Server 11.10
(Oneiric)'s cloud system is based), or Eucalyptus (
http://open.eucalyptus.com/ - on which the current Ubuntu Server 11.04
(Natty)'s cloud system is based) - perhaps Ubuntu Server can give you cloud
capabilities by itself; I haven't looked into it (see

On the other hand, that would be an extremely geeky personal project. (oops,
got a little carried away there.)

Perhaps start with an old crappy spare machine on your LAN running a simple
single instance Ubuntu server (or if you really want, ubuntu desktop - which
contains a lot of stuff you don't need on a server), that receives your
scheduled "off-site" backups, and perhaps also serves as a file server or
something (or router/gateway/firewall/switch/proxy server/mail server/web
server/... Error:scaling required! lol)
If that's too much, perhaps an external USB hard drive would suffice?

Péter Nel
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