[ubuntu-za] Strange Nautilus behaviour.

Peter Nel fourdots at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 03:01:51 UTC 2011

> Hi Peter,
> Try checking the solution I provided to Bill earlier, you have an
> option to select the application you want to open the file with under
> the files Property section. Look for the "Open with" tab.
> Hope that helps :)
> --
> Best of luck,
> Bruce

Oops! I actually knew your technique. I've used it before :-/

I forgot that I knew it.

Oh well, now we have both the long over-complicated way with
explanation, and the proper short way.

My response was actually to Bill's uncertainty to how it works:
Bill wrote:
>> ...
>> But I am a bit wary of that file as I don't quite understand how it
>> works (I don't think that Gimp should be there!).
>> ...
>> Any ideas about why Nautilis is not doing this itself?

(Still having the problem with .jar/.mwb vs. .zip - any suggestions?)


Péter Nel

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