[ubuntu-za] Stop the Anti-Unity / Gnome 3 FUD!

Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Mon Dec 26 18:33:50 UTC 2011

My feeling on the matter is that the switch is being enforced with a 
hint of insensitivity for a group of less computer-literate users and 
that the option to choose should have been left open for a bit longer 
and/or users could have been warned about what is coming and advised 
about alternatives.

On 22/12/2011 16:28, Peter Nel wrote:
>> With the Upgrade to 11.10, I would recommend 10.04.  Seriously.  I have
>> "upgraded" several machines and than reinstalled to take them back to
>> 10.04 for lots of people.  Gnome 3 is broken, both in design, and in
>> stability.  (Unless you have that one exact system that is also owned by
>> a developer, but it is still broken in design)
>>                         Lee
> Lee,
> It's opinionated comments like that that creates fear (uncertainty,
> and doubt) in the minds of less experienced users whom we are supposed
> to guide into adoption.
> Recommending degrading to 10.04 is a short term "solution" at best,
> and is irresponsible. It's already 3x releases old. The next one,
> 12.04 is the next LTS, and Canonical will be discontinuing support for
> 10.04 in the near future... Are YOU going to support them then? Or
> what, are you going to tell them to migrate to Linux Mint, that with
> Mint 12 (Lisa) has also seen the sense of going over to Gnome3 (it's
> supposed "edge" over Ubuntu having been Gnome 2!), or perhaps some
> other less-supported desktop?
> You have the right to your opinion but don't sell it as fact, or
> impose it on impressionable people who may take your word as
> authoritative on the subject.
> There are many (apparently the majority according to recent polls) old
> and new users that like Unity and/or Gnome3.
> Certain people find it hard to adapt I find, more due to old habits
> than the new paradigm being inferior in design or concept.
> Regards

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