[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu Natty Narwhal server

Nico Michael(PtaISP) nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Fri Aug 26 14:29:26 UTC 2011

Hi there

I am planning to demonstrate the installation of Joomla on Ubuntu Server at Software Freedom Day
so i need to have a working Ubuntu Server VirtualBox VM

I created a VM in Virtualbox  for the Ubuntu Natty Narwhal server
It works OK except I get a command prompt terminal session on the Servers screen
instead on a text based or GUI management screen.

Did I do something wrong ?

When I installed the Other Ubuntu server from turnkey.org :

Based on a previous Ubuntu server,  It gives me a very nice text based management interface on the Servers screen
Allowing me to manage the IP address or DHCP and start stop server
This Ubuntu server comes with pre-installed Ubuntu LAMP server and at install time you set User password and also MySQL user password

The Narwhal server did not prompt me for the MySql Server user password when I chose the LAMP option to install

Please advise me how to get my Demo VM server working
As its a VM I am happy to delete it and re-install it , to make it work correctly


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