[ubuntu-za] Cape Town Oneiric Release PArty

maia grotepass maiatoday at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 14:21:58 UTC 2011

>>> Comments? Suggestions? Anyone want to drive this (I won't be here :-/)?
>> I need someone on that side to help drive it, I can do poster, mailing
>> list and lifts from Stellenbosch.

> I'm hoping one of the guy's I've CC'ed will step up to help. Stefano's
> already planning the Global Jam and Software Freedom Day events. There
> really isn't that much to do from this end: check in advance if venue
> can accommodate us (usually ~30 people, access to sufficient power
> points), make a booking, advertise at UCT (email to leg-announce, put
> up posters, Facebook event, etc.) and make sure Stefano does his
> magic. Did I miss anything?

I made an event we can update it as we go along.

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