[ubuntu-za] Using Ubuntu Natty Narwhal with 2 screens

G Christie gcchristie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 12:17:40 UTC 2011

Hi Nico

I can confirm that Ubuntu can definitely support 2 or monitors with the
Nvidia display cards.
I have 2 systems on Maverick and Natty with Nvidia FX7600 and 8600 cards
with 2 screens each running perfectly
The easiest is to do as Raoul said and install nvidia-current from the
official Ubuntu repositories.

Next best option is down load the correct proprietary binary drive from the
Nvidia site
You would need the latest legacy driver because the 5700 is not supported
with the latest x86 driver (GForce 6 and later).
Download the "Latest Legacy GPU version (173.14.xx series)" version (Current
is 173.14.31) which does support the FX5700.
It is a binary .run file. Make it executable with chmod ug+x and the run it
after stopping your xserver.

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