[ubuntu-za] Owl + USB Electricity Monitor and Ubuntu

Paul Young paulysa at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 19:52:25 UTC 2011

LibQt4 dependency troubles with Skype, VirtualBox and Quantum GIS led to the
reinstall of Natty from USB stick which worked well.

Natty offers support for Internet connection using my NeoTel Prime Connect
phone, Vodacom HSDPA modem and iPhone with little effort.
Banshee Media Player is able to synch iPhone media and even read some of the
apps. Have not worked out how to install yet without iTunes :-((((
Also been able to monitor my mobile USB GPS using gpsd and gpsmon to monitor
NMEA data.

So my new project is to try and read data from my Owl + USB Electricity
Monitor. Has anyone tried to do this sort of thing yet?

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