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Jan Groenewald jan at aims.ac.za
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Please reply to both myself and Daniel Moeketsi off-list, if you can offer
to teach a short (days) Ubuntu desktop introduction, a longer (weeks)
Python introduction, or are able to provide lab space in September
and/or March in Cape Town.


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From: Daniel Moeketsi <DMoeketsi at csir.co.za>
Date: 15 August 2011 14:50
Subject: Basic Programming School for final science and engineering students
To: jan at aims.ac.za

 Dear Jan,

With referral to our recent telephonic conversation, I am planing to
organising a scientific programming school for final year science and
engineering students who do not have a sound programming background in south
African High Education Institutions. The first will be in Western Cape for
September vacation (Date to be announced) either at CHPC or UWC as we will
need a computer lab to accommodate 30 to 50 students, and the second will be
around March 2012 in Gauteng.

I am looking for someone who can teach linux (ubuntu) to this students.
He/she should be able to cover the syllabus in two days which should include
hands on-practical sessions.

I am also looking for some one who can teach python as well. If you have
some people in mind please send their contact to me. I would like to
finalise  the project plan by end of this week. Any ideas from you will also
be most appreciated.

I look forward hearing your advice.

Kindest regards,

Daniel M Moeketsi, PhD
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