[ubuntu-za] Create a movie from slide show

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Thu Sep 30 23:30:08 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 23:14 +0200, Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo wrote:

> Videoporama is a software designed to make image slideshow and export to 
> video file.

Thanks Johan.  I actually came right using:

1. "OpenOffice Presenter" to create the presentation slides
2. "Take Screenshot" to take screen shots of each slide (or each step in
each slide)
3. "Sound Recorder" to record the voice over for each slide
4. "Pitivi" to put it all together

It was a bit time consuming, considering the number of slides and voice
clips I had to put together, but is wasn't difficult.  Pitivi was
especially easy to use.

The really great thing abou this was that everything I used came
standard with Ubuntu... I didn't have to download anything!

Something useful for those that want to try it as well.  Most standard
video formats use MPEG4, MJPEG or similar codec.  These formats
"smudges" the picture which is not ideal for something like a
presentation where you want high quality.  I have used the XviD codec
instead as this not only gave excellent compression but it also kept the
quality of the video.

If you want to see the end result you can look at it here:
(This is the first of two clips and is about 9 minutes long.)

Note that if you play from the site you loose a lot of the quality as
the site converts it to MPEG4.  If you want to see the real thing
download it to your PC first.  Note that if you want to view it in
Windows, you'll first need to download the XviD codec from here:

Thanks for all your input!


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