[ubuntu-za] Brainstorm on ideas to get Ubuntu to areas without internet (renamed from Release Party 10.10.10 ...)

Daniel Louw daniel at dline.co.za
Mon Sep 13 17:47:10 BST 2010

Hello all

I am really new to this mailing list, and thus have missed out on the
previous posts regarding this thread.
However, I feel I need to just quickly give my 2cents worth, as the
whole topic of bringing IT to the masses in SA is something I feel
really strong about.

I am still at varsity, doing Information Science, with my major in
multimedia. Last semester we had a discussion in one of my classes
regarding the government's failing plans to make previously
disadvantaged communities computer and internet literate by constructing
"Information Centres" (or computer labs) in these communities. It is a
very novel idea, as all the facilities that one would need is there.
PC's, printers, scanners, internet, and so on. These centres enabled
kids to do their homework, grown ups to look for work, learn something
new... As we all would agree, infinite possibilities.

The problem is, this novel plan is failing. And the reason is simple. It
helps nothing to give the computer, but not the education. They have the
computers, they have the internet, but they are still struggling with
the mouse-cursor concept. In order to help, we must be willing to teach
as well.

And now for my brainstorming contribution:
    1. Ubuntu is a GREAT vessel to help make the nation computer
literate: It's local, it's lekker, and it's free :-)
    2. Donated machines should be given to the place where the education
takes place: the schools.
    3. The new computer lab at the schools should be manned by someone
who will help the kids to use the computer when they need to do
    4. The new lab can be made available after hours to members of the
community where classes can be given in general computer literacy.
    5. The lab can be operated as a *very* cheap internet cafe after
hours. This will bring in extra income to an already financially
struggling school.
    6. Companies can be involved to help with the financial burden of
keeping the lab in shape (maintenance, internet, electricity etc)

I myself gave an old computer to our domestic worker's daughter. And I
can guarantee you that she is not using it. As she does not know how to
use it, because she lives to far for anyone to teach her.

I hope I made my point, and that it was useful, and that I didn't offend

Have a nice evening!


On Mon, 2010-09-13 at 13:49 +0200, SHAWN REITSTEIN wrote:

> Hi, I've spoken to a few Guguletians about the idea: general interest
> and undercurrent of scepticism that anything will actually happen!
> Many keen for computers and upgrading. I'm getting a few towers from
> David and I have 5+ monitors. Needed are mice and keyboards and USB
> cards! of course old systems and anything related to upgradability for
> old systems would be useful. If anyone can help, there are plenty of
> worthy, eager recipients.
> What would be really nice, is to collect as many systems/components as
> possible, gather interested Ubuntu-ites and Guguletians and have a
> get-together (in Guguletu?) to show people Ubuntu, field questions,
> form networks, and discuss who can help who and how!?
> Many, many people are living on the bread -line. Many are not
> pandering to the "formal sector". Many struggling to afford and
> justify the electricity for a computer! Computers and the info
> available through the internet can broaden peoples horizons
> infinately, create and facilitate jobs and incomes and networking.
> Lighten the toil of many's lives and enlighten those still living  in
> darkness due to unaffordable medii.
> Shawn
> On 9/8/10, Jason McBeath <Jason at mcbeath.co.za> wrote:
> > Yip. I just don't like vlc. Oh, and Pinguy OS also comes with pretty
> > much everything out the box, it's a pretty cool ubuntu based distro as
> > well, currently dual booting a 64bit version of it.
> >
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> > Subject: Re: [ubuntu-za] Brainstorm on ideas to get Ubuntu to areas
> > without internet (renamed from Release Party 10.10.10 ...)
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> > On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Jason McBeath <Jason at mcbeath.co.za> wrote:
> >> I install the restricted extras. works better than vlc.
> >
> > Restricted Extras is just a collection of codecs and plug-ins that
> > decode and play proprietary formats, VLC is just the player that uses
> > these codecs to display the media, same as Totem movie player, or many
> > other media players. You can still use VLC, but it now will support
> > many more formats that it doesn't OTB (out the box)
> >

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