[ubuntu-za] Brainstorm on ideas to get Ubuntu to areas without internet (renamed from Release Party 10.10.10 ...)

Helge Reikeras helge.reikeras at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 22:57:38 BST 2010


Thank you Maia for creating a new thread.

The distribution problem is a prominent one. The Freedom Toaster was
supposed to address this. However, even if users can obtain a CD, the
standard Ubuntu install will not allow the users to play MP3s, MPEG,
DVDs, and other restricted formats they expect to be able to play.
Without Internet access they are unable to obtain these codecs. Also,
without Internet access the main benefit of using a distribution like
Ubuntu: a huge repository of free and tested software that is easy to
install, is forfeited. Even with Internet access caps and cost might
become a prohibiting factor, although the roll out of uncapped
services goes a long way to alleviate this problem.

Winston showed us that the most efficient manner of transporting large
amounts is data is overland. There is a list of people willing to ship
software here [1]. Perhaps it is possible to improve on this concept
even more. Also, it might be interesting to look into distributing
software in WUGs [2].

I'd like to hear what are people's thoughts around this? I would very
much be interested in trying to find solutions to this problem.

[1] http://ubuntu-za.org/get-ubuntu
[2] http://www.wug.za.net/

- Helge

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 9:46 PM, maia grotepass <maiatoday at gmail.com> wrote:
> Shawn I am forwarding your message to a new thread so we can try to
> keep the release party planning more focussed and it will give people
> a place to answer some of your questions without dilluting the other
> discussions. Also this discussion is more open ended and ongoing.
> Some good ideas. we are on this side of the digital divide and it is
> always a challenge to even things out. Please feel free to start up
> with any innitiative you have the energy to pursue.  Energy is
> contagious so if you can get something going I am sure there will be
> people who want to join in. I know Stellenbosch university has a
> program where people donate old pc's and they get ubuntu installed and
> then handed out to communities that would benefit. There may be others
> that I don't know about.
> What specific things do you have in mind?
> Maia
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> From: SHAWN REITSTEIN <shawnreit at gmail.com>
> Date: Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 10:33 AM
> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-za] Release Party 10.10.10 what shall we do?
> To: Ubuntu South African Local Community <ubuntu-za at lists.ubuntu.com>
> From Shawn Reitstein: (I've been a bit out of the loop: my email was
> blocking Ubuntu!?)
> Hi, I'm using this 'reply to all" to suggest something not new, I
> think deserves some attention: There are alot of people out there, on
> the Flats for eg,(Cape), who arn't affording internet, yet many have
> computers, or computers in the immediate environment, or could aquire
> -  (like David Lewis's refurbish old computers project). If the Ubuntu
> community were to copy downloads to disc and flash, wiki this and
> that, there could be an ongoing stream of distribution of some good
> stuff to many who otherwise are only going to get access in years
> time. Or even more organised might be a network that could field
> requests for specific info, interests, study...?  Is this old hat?
> Impractical? Who's asking for it? Maybe I'm thinking of the/an
> informal sector? has this been done ? is it happening? is there
> interest? in others interests? I was just now considering the
> affordability of an uncapped account, and wondered what I could do
> with unlimited downloadability. I think that many deserving could
> benefit from such a networking. There are free internet lobbies,
> meanwhile, if it's not already set up, this old idea seems do-able?
> Regards
> Shawn
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