[ubuntu-za] Baobab

Robert Holm robhholm at lantic.net
Sat Oct 16 10:45:06 BST 2010

  On 16/10/2010 11:36, Bill Cairns wrote:
> Why do we hide good things? I ran out of disk space the other day and
> was automatically taken into Baobab to sort things out. Wow! What a
> great piece of software - and I had never heard of it. For some reason
> it does not come automatically on the Applications menu (it does now
> on mine) and I would never have found it if it had not been for my
> rogue program that started eating disk space.
> Baobab is small, clean and very simple. What it does is give a
> breakdown of the size of directories and sub-directories both in
> tabular and graphic ("rings chart" or "treemap chart")) format. In
> fact it does what I have long wanted a program to do.
> (Type "baobab" in terminal and there it is).
> Bill

This has always been on the menus under Applications>Accessories>Disk 
Usage Analyser

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