[ubuntu-za] Cape Town Release Party Update

David Rubin drubin at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 7 09:58:53 BST 2010


Sorry again for the all the confusion around the venue for the cape
town release party. I have updated Loco website [1]. We will be having
a bring and braai at Maia's house in Stellenbosch. Depending on
numbers if there isn't enough space in side at Maia's we will move
some where else in doors (still in stellenbosch).

The idea behind this is to make it semi family friendly(and less
technical) so feel free to bring the kids. We plan to have a few board
games and stuff. How ever if you are having PC problems or want to
upgrade to Maverick and copy repos being your PC/Laptop along and we
will help you out where we can.

The idea of putting your address with google maps to your house with
street view is well a bit dodgy for some people. So we will be meeting
at the Spar down the road  http://is.gd/bzOx8 (Link to google maps) at 9:45am.

If any of you still want to come later and cant make the Spar meeting
time feel free to save my number and or email and pop me a line and we
can easily direct you from the spar any way.

For those of you coming from Cape Town I am pretty sure that a bunch
of guys will be meeting some where near UCT again like we did last
year. Please meet at P6 at 9:30am


[1] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/374/detail/

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