[ubuntu-za] Local companies that supply Laptops w/o Windows.

Raymond Barbour xraya4t at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 08:19:23 GMT 2010

On the Rectron price list there are several gigabyte laptops sold OS free
On 24 Nov 2010 10:01 AM, "Ian Whitfield" <whitfield at federalsaints.net>
> //Hi All
> A few months back the subject of "Buying a new laptop WITHOUT an OpSys,
> (so that Linux can be installed and thus not paying for unwanted
> Windows), came up.
> I seem to remember that two or three replies were received and some
> local companies were mentioned.
> Can anyone list these local companies again for me please, (and any
> other relevant comments)?
> PS - Thanks to Andy for the reply to my last question about
> re-installing Kubuntu. Also looking for contact info for Pieter Beukes -
> of the PTA Launch Parties - if anyone has.]
> Thanks
> Ian Whitfield
> ////
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