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Thu May 20 18:13:08 BST 2010

About UberStudent

UberStudent (uber meaning "productive" in Latin) is a free Linux learning p=
latform=97more than just an operating system=97supported by a free Moodle-b=
ased virtual learning environment. UberStudent 1.0 Cicero features a core s=
et of programs and features designed to teach and make easier the tasks and=
 habits common to high-performing students of all academic disciplines, in =
addition to everything one needs for everyday computing tasks. Students fro=
m advanced high school through doctoral levels will especially benefit, as =
will educators and all lifelong learners. UberStudent is also the perfect L=
inux distribution for installation by learning institutions, and commercial=
 support is available. For more information, see the slideshowhyperlink.

We would be pleased to present UberStudent and its vision to increase stude=
nt learning and support the mission of learning institutions to your campus=
 or group. We may be reached at info at

Downloaded this last night, had a quick look at it this morning, I like, go=
ing to install it on my Laptop tonight


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