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Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
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ok lets ask the easy things
1. what needs to be done?
2. what finances are available or required
3. What support is there or required?
4. where is that to be found?

I know that the inkululeko (? see hilton's postings about that) stuff
could be useful at the schools level.

There are some good open source stuff that is being used. As an example,
I spent the day today at the smartcape installations at libraries.
Interesting and exciting stuff going on.

All depends on those 4 questions at the top.


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frans wrote, On 27/05/2010 16:18:
> Thanks for the feedback so far guys,  I realize this is not a mail list 
> for Windows programes, but essentialy this is the only Comunity I really 
> trust not to sell me this and that closed source programe for  $$$$$$$ 
> and as I mentioned in another post if I can get a foot in the door here 
> maybe I can Ubuntu on the next rollout. This install is just a bit far 
> from home to really make a real noise about the OS. Otherwise I would 
> offer free support.
> I Think I should install some of these programs on my home Computer  
> especially some of the kids and education stuff William mentioned, for 
> kids, and education, Would I be correct to assume that Edubuntu can also 
> set certain programes for the learners that they may use? instead of 
> instaling and uninstaling each as needed? Also would a ltsp server be 
> feasable?  These guys have allready planned the antivirus and server 
> sizes,  I'll take my OSS Programes and ideas with, and maybe Iwould be 
> able to influence something. If  we can teach them Open Source then 
> maybe...just maybe Linux would not seem so foreign any more.
> I'll give this list of files through to the Organisers and hear what 
> they say it could save some money at least.
> On 10/05/27 13:27 PM, William Walter Kinghorn wrote:
>> Hi Frans,
>> XP stuff
>> ITALC -  teacher control, etc
>> Clonezilla - cloning
>> FOG - - cloning
>> OpenOffice
>> Scribus
>> Inkscape
>> Tuxpaint
>> Will send more later
>> William
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>> On 10/05/27 12:27 PM, Helge Reikeras wrote:
>>> On 27/05/2010 12:17, frans wrote:
>>>> I've been asked to help with setting up a school computer room, about 50
>>>> pc's.
>>>> wich programs would you recogment...
>>>> like gost, teacher control, etc.
>>> Check out Edubuntu http://edubuntu.org/. It's designed to be used in
>>> school computer labs.
>> Also first place I'd look, yes. unfortionately they want xp :(, so maybe
>> I can give the info through for a next system :)
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