[ubuntu-za] Stepping down from Ubuntu-ZA leadership

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Fri May 28 11:42:26 BST 2010

Since the beginning, Ubuntu-ZA's had two "team contacts" or leaders -
although many other LoCo teams have a single person.

When Jonathan "highvoltage" Carter stepped down, we held an election
to determine the next coleader, and David Rubin was selected. He's
been doing a great job, and due to time constraints my own
contributions have been minimal in the last several months. It's time
for me to step down so that I'm not holding anything back.

I've discussed the leadership way forward with David. He's checked
with the obvious candidates and nobody is available to replace me -
and the election last time was largely symbolic - very few votes were

In light of this, David feels confident to continue as a single leader.

Like Jonathan, I'll still be around, but just have no time to invest
in "making things happen". Partly because I'm responsible for a team
of developers coding on Ubuntu, and 30+ Ubuntu Servers powering some
well known sites and systems... (Join my team! Sysadmin:
Dev: http://www.praekelt.com/careers-software-engineer-needed.html)


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