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William Walter Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Thu May 27 12:26:01 BST 2010

Hi Frans,

That is a tough question

Your problem is that the teachers dont know the apps, and you dont know what the teaches require

At a school that I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 ( 14 PCs ), I asked them to tell me which apps they had been using, and they could not tell me which they were, but they said that the kids like some of them, I have downloaded the repos, so I made one of them the server, and copied the repos there, and installed the apps via the network to the PCs

I just searched Synaptic for kids, children and educat, and then installed those, took a long time

I am going to the school again some time, to ask them to write down what they use, so that in future I will make sure those are installed

Something to put at schools is from here : Kiwix - enabling offline copies of wikimedia projects : http://blog.wizzy.com/post/Kiwix-enabling-offline-copies-of-wikimedia-projects
I have the downloads if anyone from Durban area want them

Also look at the apps from this site : http://new.asymptopia.org/   ( there is TuxMathScrabble, TuxWordSmith, CrosswordBuilder, MultiplicationStation )

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I've been asked to help with setting up a school computer room, about 50

wich programs would you recogment...

like gost, teacher control, etc.

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