[ubuntu-za] net book sound issues

frans dormakorp at vodamail.co.za
Thu May 27 11:05:20 BST 2010

Just thought this might help somone out there.

I had an problem with a Asus EEE netbook (2g surf), Lucid Lynx  and Skype.

Skype's sound was choppy and mic was worse.

I've fixed it, by setting the Pulse server to  and runing the 

got the fix from the Ubuntu forums' hardware suport for netbooks pages
not sure 'bout the addres now... but you all know Google :>

Anyway the sound is now purrrfect.

Lynx run great for the specs,
cpu ~ 575 mhz (Probably where the problem origanates
mem 512
4g sd card with a 1G home partition
2G ssd are used for flash :> (not that it's needed much.)

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