[ubuntu-za] Nvidia Restrcited Driver Issue... Crash (NVIDIA 6500)

Wesley Werner wesley.werner at gmail.com
Mon May 10 11:45:44 BST 2010

If all else fails, I can suggest installing the latest nVidia drivers from
the official site <http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html>, this involves
stopping the GDM service, and running the install from a text console. It's
recommended to remove existing nvidia packages first, and read the README
documentation that comes on the driver page too. It's a good idea to backup
before, too.

Download the setup and make the file executable. Remember where you saved
it. switch to a text console with Ctrl+Alt+F1, and log in.
The setup must be run as root, do this with sudo -s to work as root, (**please
*be careful because as root, you can delete system files, just do root tasks
and exit out*).
Stop the GDM service with /etc/init.d/gdm stop. Now you can run the nVidia
setup with *sh NVIDIA-xxx.run*. **When the setup is done, restart your PC
with *reboot*.***
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