[ubuntu-za] Sharing network connections in Ubuntu

Josh Brodrick josholikestofly at gmail.com
Fri May 7 09:03:20 BST 2010

Hi Everyone

I have a question rather than a pressing problem. I have an ADSL router
which is connected to the internet, and acts as the dhcp server to 4 wired
computers and a couple wireless ones. I want to add another old laptop to
the network (it does not have wireless) but have no more wired ports
available on the router. From what I understand I can connect it via a
crossover cable to the second network card on one of my desktops, and use
firestarter to configure it (All the computers have firestarter installed
and configured). However, I dont need this additional laptop to have
internet access, as it only serves as a frontend to mythtv. It therefore
only needs to be able to communicate on the local network. Any advice on how
to configure this using firestarter?

Thanks so much.


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