[ubuntu-za] Nvidia Restrcited Driver Issue... Crash (NVIDIA 6500)

christo coetzewc at telkomsa.net
Wed May 5 19:52:46 BST 2010

Hi guys some assistance or ideas?

Installed a fresh copy of 10.04 32bit 

My Desktop with NVIDIA 6500 pci-e card crashes or X crashes after I
installed the Nvidia Restrcited Driver from ubuntu repository. The mouse
still moves around though but the machine is unresponsive to any
clicking, the PC locks up with black screen only. Seems to also affect
the Screen-saver. The NVIDIA drivers shows screensaver nicely but
crashes my system. When I use the Plymouth driver my relolution sucks
especially in browsing, text seems "jittery" for a lack of a better

I Can't find anything related to this on the web so went on a mission
and reported it to another thread on the ubuntu forum with similar

Oh and can't drop into terminal ALT F1 with NVIDIA drivers does not ask
for password and prompts login again but with Plymouth drivers that
works fine.
This my initial issues and have had the following responce and did as
explained. below:

>From "dino99"
if you can open "synaptic" (system admin synaptic), tell me if, in the
repo tab, you have some third party repo or ppa activated, in case
uncheck them.(of course, all the repo need to be with the same distro
and release)
You should only have: nvidia-current, nvidia-current-modaliases,
nvidia-common and nvidia-settings installed.

now into console:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
sudo dpkg-reconfigure plymouth
sudo update-initramfs -u
sudo grub-mkconfig && update-grub
so with synaptic: first remove/purge the nvidia packages installed
(right click) then install the ones i've given in the previous post

>From me:
My settings in Synaptic was / is:
enabled Canonical-supported OSS (main)
enabled Community-maintained OS (universe)
enabled Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)
enamled SW restricted blah blah (multiverse)

under Other Software 
enabled only Http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner

enabled (lucid-security)
enabled (lucid-updates)

Nothing else.

On my quest 
removed all nvidia stuff with synaptic and installed 
have to install nvidia-173-modaliases
have to install nvidia-96-modaliases
nvidia-common then

Did the console commands, and rebuilt.
Then used System Administration hardware to enable NVIDIA driver again.
That is the correct wat to enable it, yes??

So I Started a FTP download from local repositry (ftp://ftp.saix.net
10.04 server 32) and X crashed after some screensaver activity, I'm
sure. I was able to get into console ALT F1 this time but it seems if my
path was "environmental variable's" was lost, had to cd into filesystem
to see what I could run. I could not execute "top" to check what's
holding up the processor but it seems as if the cpu was working overtime
100% utilisation because I could see after hard reset over heating /
high heat from the bios sensor. This usually, tells me cpu worked to
hard a minute before my hard reset. This is more or less what my inital
symptoms were and still is.

As I said with the Kernel (plymouth) driver, all seems stable but
resolution is crap when browsing and screensaver is very slow. 

Can GLX have something to do with this I red somewhere to revert to glx
1.2, current version is 1.4??? does this make sense or ring any bells? I
don't know how to down grade this but could find out I'm sure. I'm
trying my best to understand all this and I'm not a programmer so
stabbing in the dark here?

Any ideas?

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