[ubuntu-za] 10/04 Sound and Devilspie

Robert Ketteringham robket at gmail.com
Wed May 5 13:22:02 BST 2010

> 2. devilspie doesn't work either. "** (devilspie:12333): CRITICAL **:
> e_sexp_eval: assertion `f->tree != NULL' failed"  about 50 times.
> Devilspie is quite neat in helping me sort out my workspaces - not a
> train crash though.

Hmmm I used to use devilspie a while ago but I eventually gave up as it
was too much maintenance.

Is it not possible to achieve some of the functionality using Compiz? In
particular the "Window Rules" plugin jumps to mind. Also you could try
using Group and Tab Windows with it.

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