[ubuntu-za] 10/04 Sound and Devilspie

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Wed May 5 10:25:06 BST 2010

A few days ago I wrote about how successful my 10.04 install had been,
but mentioned that there were still a couple of unresolved issues. In
fact there are two:

1. My sound does not work. Not at all. It worked fine with 08.04, but
now all I get is a bit of hiss from my speakers. I actually had this
problem with 08.04 but it went away. What did I do then? Wish I could
remember.  Searching the Internet it seems that nobody else has this
problem. I wonder if anyone has any ideas? (I am going to try
alsa-conf ...)

2. devilspie doesn't work either. "** (devilspie:12333): CRITICAL **:
e_sexp_eval: assertion `f->tree != NULL' failed"  about 50 times.
Devilspie is quite neat in helping me sort out my workspaces - not a
train crash though.


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