[ubuntu-za] Cursor flashing across screen

Robin Bownes robinbownes at afrihost.co.za
Wed May 5 08:47:54 BST 2010

Hi All, 

I originally posted this query quite some time back, but didn't receive
any responses that solved the problem. (however, it was just before the
Lucid release)

I recently installed Karmic on a client's relatively old PC. All works
well except for the video output on the monitor - and I don't mean when
one's playing a video - I mean all the time that there is video output
on the monitor, whatever application is being used, and even just
desktop. One can see the cursor flashing across the screen as the screen
refreshes the images. It is of course most noticeable when dialogue
boxes are open on the screen.

Any ideas for a solution? 

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