[ubuntu-za] Install of 10.04

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Mon May 3 16:08:41 BST 2010

I must admit that I was a bit scared of going to 10.04. I have been
running happily on 08.04 since June 2008 and kept on telling myself
about all the things that could go wrong go wrong. I am writing this
to encourage anyone else that might be scared too.

I did my homework and compared all my different options. One thing
that I was sure of is that I wanted to have /home on a separate
partition. I had the options of: 1. Creating a new /home partition
under 08.04 and then upgrading to 10.04; 2. Upgrading to 10.04 first
and then creating a new partition for /home; 3. Reinstalling from
scratch. I was wary of trying to create a new partition on a running
system because I have a pretty huge homer directory and so I decided
on option 3.

Of course, that meant that I first had to back up my own files. That
took a considerable amount of time because I cautiously used a belt
and braces approach - I backed up my whole home directory onto an
external disk and then backed up my Documents directory onto another
external disk. Just to be safe, I backed up my really important stuff
a third time onto a memory stick. You will realise that I have been in
the computer business for a long time and don't trust hardware,
software or myself very much!

In fact, the back up took more time than anything else.

I used the lice CD to make sure that everything was working properly.
(Yes I know I would have been smarter to do that first, but the truth
is that I did not think of it until i had finished the backup! I had
tested my disk on a notebook and everything worked there, so I was not
completely naive). Almost everything worked (more in a different
post), and so I decided to go ahead.

Partitioning the disk worked like a dream. Snap snap and it was all
set up. I couldn't believe that it was that simple and checked and
rechecked. But it was indeed that simple.

The install took longer that I expected and it might have been because
that the install process kept on going off and consulting the Internet
about something. I don't know what it was doing consulting the
Internet, but have learned not to argue with computers. (Somebody did
suggest that it might be an advantage to disconnect from the Internet
before doing the install. I just don't know).

I obviously had to re-install all my applications. I did have the
problem that I did not remember everything that I had under 08.04. It
would have been a good idea to write them down. So for a few weeks I
suspect that I will suddenly remember that I used to use application
abc and will have to install it again.

I did not simply copy my /home folder back for two reasons - I was not
sure whether all the configuration files are back compatible and I
certainly had some baggage there that was not worth carrying forward.
So I just copied my personal files and the Mozilla directory. I was
very impressed that all my Firefox configurations were carried over as
well as all my Thunderbird configurations and directories. I just had
to start up Thunderbird and I was on line immediately.

The only thing remaining was to install any necessary updates. So I
left the computer to do that while I went to sleep.

I mostly like the look of 10.04. I don't understand why the windows
controls have zoomed over to the left (I think that is how Windows
3.01 used to work), and can see that I am going to have even more
trouble moving between XP, Vista and Ubuntu. But I will manage.


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