[ubuntu-za] Upgrade to new Ubuntu OS every 6 months?

Adrianna Pinska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 08:40:54 GMT 2010

I upgrade every six months.  An actual upgrade, not a reinstall -- I
switched from Fedora to Ubuntu years ago because Fedora's upgrades
were reputed to be flaky and I didn't want to keep reinstalling (what
is this, Windows? ;) ).

I've never had a serious problem after an upgrade -- usually I can
barely tell the difference.  The whole process takes about an hour
tops.  I do it at home and at work, so I always sort of have a test

I usually take my time getting the DVD, so that by the time I install
the latest release it is no longer on the bleeding edge, and any
obscure hardware issues are more likely to have been discovered and
sorted out.

Upgrading every six months means not having to jump through hoops to
install a recent version of a frequently updated end-user package.  I
would recommend doing this for desktop computers -- if you don't, you
will rapidly waste more time looking for PPAs and building packages by
hand than you would have spent upgrading in the first place. You may
also end up with a weird non-standard mishmash of installed
dependencies which makes it more difficult to diagnose problems.

LTS is good for servers -- you're less likely to want to run the
latest and shiniest things on them, and upgrading a server is more of
a big deal than upgrading a desktop.

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