[ubuntu-za] Sound & OpenOffice questions

SecretCode secretcode343 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 07:03:42 GMT 2010

Brenton Edgar Scott wrote:
> SecretCode wrote:
>> There seem to be tons of problems with sound in 9.10, based on my
>> reading at ubuntuforums.org. Solutions range from simple edits to
>> alsabase.conf, to entirely removing the ALSA component.
> Er, Joe, isn't sound for Ubuntu and Kubuntu provided by the integration
> with PulseAudio? Recently I had issues with my sound cutting out and I
> followed a tutorial to disable it and use ALSA instead. Sound has been
> working better since... (and using less resources). I'm yet to do
> multiple streams properly, but that's probably a simple conf edit away
> anyway.
> The Problem is clearly PulseAudio and NOT ALSA.
Er, yes. PulseAudio not ALSA. Sorry!

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