[ubuntu-za] Disable screen power management

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Tue Feb 23 03:24:25 GMT 2010

Thanks Lee

However the app is called from /etc/rc.local, so it runs without someone logging in. Also now Gnome, only command line.

Could I put this in rc.local as well? 


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From: "Lee Sharp" <leesharp at hal-pc.org>
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2010 5:03 AM
Subject: [ubuntu-za] Disable screen power management
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Charl Wentzel wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I've got a small Ubuntu Server which is running a critical ncurses 
> application.  By default power management is turned on in Ubuntu 
> Server.  How do I disable it such that the screen will remain on 
> permanently?

xset s off -dpms

This needs to run each time, so put it in your login script, or in 
"Sessions" if you have Gnome up.


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