[ubuntu-za] Sync calendar with Google Calendar

Alf Stockton alf at stockton.co.za
Mon Feb 22 10:34:21 GMT 2010

Can someone please give me pointers to how to sync my JPilot Calendar/Contacts 
with Google Calendar/Contacts.

The long story is that I am investigating switching from my Palm Treo 650 to a 
Nokia 5800 and wish to transfer the data contained in the Palm Treo Calendar 
and Contacts to my new Nokia 5800.
I backup my Palm Treo with JPilot as well as pilot_link/pilot-xfer.
The current thinking is to sync the Palm Treo to Google and then to sync from 
Google with the Nokia.
Is this feasible?
Is there a better way?
If so how?

Alf Stockton		www.stockton.co.za

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		-- Mark Twain

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