[ubuntu-za] [Fwd: Your illegal internet activities are being logged]

David Robert Lewis (ethnopunk) ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Sat Feb 20 19:23:56 GMT 2010

Lee Sharp wrote:
> Looks like phish to me.  The e-mail headers track back to a loop, and do 
> not look as clear as a threat letter should.  There is no contact 
> information, now is there a demand to stop sharing.  There is no 
> reference to the IP shared.  And the file is very big...  I would ignore it.
> 			Lee
Yet another reason to use Ubuntu. I would never have picked up there was 
anything wrong if I was using Windows. Then again maybe the Pirate Party 
is also the result of a virus? Just kidding. I'll ignore it until I 
receive an actual demand.


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