[ubuntu-za] Installing Ubuntu Server on SD

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Fri Feb 19 12:26:49 GMT 2010

Hi Guys

Have a real interesting one here...

I have an eBox on which I would like to install Ubuntu server edition.
The normal process is as follows:
- Connect hard drive to normal machine (with USB to SATA convertor)
- Boot Ubuntu CD and install Ubuntu 
- Boot from hard drive and replace kernel with special kernel
- Install hard drive in eBox and reboot.

The reason for this is that Ubuntu does not detect the IDE, network
interface or screen automatially.  So the supplier supplies a special

The problem is that I know need to use an SD card instead of a
Harddrive.  (Environmental conditions is not favourable for a hard
drive).  However, I cannot get an Ubuntu Server CD to install to an SD
card.  The partition manager simply does not give the SD as an option.

The only Ubuntu edition that comes close is UNR since this is a likely
scenario for a netbook.  If UNR can do this then there must be a way to
force a Ubuntu Server install CD to do the same.

Any clues?

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