[ubuntu-za] Booting into Recovery Mode

Jan Groenewald jan at aims.ac.za
Fri Feb 19 05:07:51 GMT 2010


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 01:13:50AM +0200, Robin Bownes wrote:
>    Bit of a strange problem. Somehow, my super user ID has been removed from
>    the sudoers file. When this happened once before, I booted into recovery
>    mode with Esc key while booting up, and fixed it there. However, this
>    time, I am unable to get into recovery mode. Doesn't matter if I lean on
>    Esc till it screams, I still only boot into the GUI login screen.
>    Some help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Don't scream. Boot a CD.  Mount the partition, and edit the file.

If this is happening more than once, review your habits. 
It should not.


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