[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-9.10- Laptop only- On drive repository

Juan juank at vodamail.co.za
Sat Feb 13 12:58:19 GMT 2010

> Good day,
> Thanks to the kind gents that gave me some advice on previous question.
> The advice was good if you have a LAN.
> But...
> I have only a laptop with 1 internal drive, cdrom and two external
> drives connected to usb ports. The bios is set that I can boot to any
> device connected to the usb ports. Can connect any usb external drives.
> What I would like to do...
> Install ubuntu on both usb devices, then update one.
> Update the second one by making the updated device a repositry and then
> update second device that way.
> Or....this would be the preferred option to safegaurd against drive
> crash of the first drive..
> Rsync the saved update files to the second hd and then update regularly.
> When I was using linux some yrs back we created a 3rd partition which
> was /home. Now I guess that by rsync /home to the second drive will save
> all data files?
> Now I beg that some one be kind to me and take it step by step for my
> situation.
> Thanks,  Regards,
> Johan Sch.

Hi Johan

Why not just install one and update regulary, and then clone it on the
with something like clonezilla. You can even just cone the partition and put
it back if there ever is a problem.


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