[ubuntu-za] EEEPC Linux ALternatives

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Fri Feb 12 08:45:25 GMT 2010

Hello all


When the netbook craze started, I quickly got my hands on a Asus eeepc

But, I was so quick at it that I got the 4g surf version

Wich means its not running a intel atom processor, only has 512 de ram, and
4gb ssd space, with extra space for memory card


It came preinstalled with windows xp, I removed it and installed the Ubuntu
netbook remix using a flash drive.


The thing is, because its not the powerfull netbook that are in stores now,
with the NBR it is kind of slow, for the mouse to go from one screen to the
other, it goes in long frames, if I disable that fancy NBR gui, and use a
simple one, it becomes fast again


I was wondering, what are good linux alternatives for this modest netbook,
im looking for something that has all the essentials, and is quick, doesn't
need to have fancy graphics because it cant support quite well..


Any ideas?


Many thanks in advance!




Bruno Marques

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