[ubuntu-za] ubuntu-9.10 - saving update files

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 11 20:37:44 GMT 2010

Hi Johan

Johan Scheepers wrote:
> About 3 yrs since used linux. I see a lot of user friendliness now.Want to 
> come back now.

Good to see you back.

> Kindly what happens to the update/upgrate files after installed.

They are stored in /var/cache/apt/archives

> If deleted what can be done to save them please.

When they are deleted you have to download them again.

> I would like to keep two drives the same without downloading again or using 
> ddrescue and simmilar.

Jan at AIMS uses rsync to keep his Ubuntu systems the same. I always 
thought that that is quite interesting but I've never done it myself.

> Just install both once and keep them same with updates.

I guess you could even nfs/sshfs/whatever mount the packages cache on 
the one machine to the other one so that your packages are available 
there when you need to update. You could also do an apt proxy or 
something similar but it's probably more effort than you want.

> Would like to just rsync my home dir once in a while for backup.

You probably want to set up a cron job for that so that it's automated.

> Kindly any suggestions to improve this please.

Write down everything that you want to do and tackle them one by one. Be 
patient, the truth is out there.


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