[ubuntu-za] Ondersteun Win 2008

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Tue Feb 2 20:00:10 GMT 2010

Hi Guys

I'm currently supporting an Ubuntu Virtual Machine Server running two
virtual machines at this stage, an Ubuntu Server and a Win 2008 server.
I've just managed to get OpenVPN to work and now have remote access to
the server.

I was wondering what the best options were to support this installation
remotely and whether some of you could advise which is better.  

Supporting Ubuntu is a non-issue for me, but Win 2008 is, since I'm only
running Ubuntu machines from my office.  

Here are the options I'm looking at/know of:

1. Running virt-viewer remotely.  I'm currently running virt-manager on
the server.  I haven't used either remotely, but it  seems to be a
logical choice.  This would allow me not only to support the Win 2008
server, but also to manage and view all virtual machines.

2. VNC.  Install VNC on the Win server and an VNC client on my office
machines.  This is pretty standard... I think.

Could these work, or are there better choices out there?

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