[ubuntu-za] ADSL Traffic

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 18:34:04 GMT 2010

Thanks for all your help people.

I have installed NetLimiter  on my wife's Vista machine. I sat and
watched for a bit and was horrified. In ten minutes of me doing
nothing, there was 36 Kb of data going backwards and forwards from
programs that I had never heard of.

So I installed ZoneAlarm on the machine (I thought it was there but it
wasn't). I said no no no no to everybody that I did not recognize.
(For heaven's sake, who is iTunes and why does it want to talk to the
world every couple of minutes? {OK - I know who iTunes is but I never
use it}). i also went through every program that I could find and said
No No No don't look for automatic updates.

One real shocker was to find that Picasa Screensaver wants to access
the Internet every time it gets activated. I suspect that when you
tell it to use your albums for pictures, it uses the albums that you
have uploaded.

NetLimiter looks like a good application. So is ZoneAlarm (although it
makes you down load 2.5 MB of all the stuff that it is trying to sell
you when you just want a basic firewall).

But it is all a good argument for Linux isn't it?


--- who hopes that he has solved his problem. .......

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