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Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Mon Feb 1 19:23:23 GMT 2010

Hi guys

I just want to share a recent Ubuntu incident I had.

I just came back from a two week visit to the USA during which I needed
to complete a software interface on an Linux embedded system.  Since
most of the guys I was working with only heard of Linux and the word
"Ubuntu" is totally strange to them, I attracted a lot of attention and
showed off my fancy Gnome desktop with Compiz effects and multiple
desktops.  And as usual handed out a few copies for Ubuntu (even
Edubuntu for a Dad).

On the final day I presented the software to the management using a
projector.  Those whom have done that knows that it doesn't actually
show your screen on the projector but it creates a double wide virtual
screen of which one have is displayed on your notebook and the other
half on the projector.  And since it is one big virtual screen you can
drag something from your laptop screen to the projector.

With that in mind I was demonstrating how I can open a report in the web
browser straight into OpenOffice.  However, OpenOffice opened on my
Notebook screen.  So when I tried to drag it across my Compiz sticky
windows and wobbly windows affects worked against me.  I tried to drag
it across but it did want to let go of my lap to screen.  So I had a
boardroom full of manager rolling with laughter as they see this window
streching out but not letting go.  Although I didn't notice they all
picked up the grunts I made as I tried to pull this window accross with
"brute force".

Eventually the window let go and wobbled accross to the projector
screen.  This was followed by all they guys I've shown Linux to earlier
that week cheering me on; "show them how you swap between multiple
desktops", "show them this..." and "show them that...".  Eventually
after about 5 minute their attention returned to the issue at hand and I
continued my presentation.

However, it will remain one of my fondest Ubuntu memories; the day my
Ubuntu desktop stole the attention during my presentation.

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