[ubuntu-za] ADSL Traffic

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Mon Feb 1 12:43:06 GMT 2010


Also (off into a dreadful topic I know) any advice on what I could use
on XP and Vista?

Lastly, any suggestions about who can be stealing all that bandwidth?
(My wireless connection is enabled but password protected. I live in a
retirement centre and doubt anyone here has hacked into my router but
I suppose it is possible!)




Well for Windows, there is a software I use to control the bandwidth used in
them, it shows how much bandwidth each pc is using in any given moment, per
day, eek month etc, and it even has a email notification option, which can
for example warn you each time that given pc exceeds 100mb..

Useful in some of my clients who use windows xp and have that same internet
cap problem.


More info here:  http://www.dumeter.com/


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